For several decades, the demand for cut flowers has grown considerably. Cut flowers are no longer just for special occasions. Cut flowers are now used to decorate households. The market for cut flowers is chiefly fresh rather than dried cut flowers. The growth and demand for cut flowers has attracted an increasingly large number of commercial distributors and producers into the market.

"Flowers Israel" is one of the major distributors and producers of cut flowers in Israel. Our official website is Our headquarters is located at Moshav Zippori north of Israel which is where one can find Galilee. The company exports bulk amount of flowers almost anywhere in the world.

The cut flower exporting company, "Flower Israel", is well-developed, flourishing, and complex. They have an extensive experience in the cultivation of various kinds of ornamental crops which includes roses, sunflower, carnation, gerbera, iris, gladiolus, tulips, lisianthus, and many more. They also have extensive and sophisticated marketing channels. The company has been introduced to a host of new ornamental crops from various world regions. Several research programs are in development and the adaptation of the flowers that are designed specifically for Israel’s climate. This allows a significant increase of production of cut flowers. It is well-known that the Israeli plant cultivation technology is well-suited for warm climate. It is also used for the development of flower industries in several regions all over Israel.

How Cut Flowers Are Exported

Flowers grown by farm owners of Flowers Israel are plucked at the most appropriate time by specialists of gardening and horticulture. The stem is immediately capped inside a bucket which contains a mixture of flower food and water. These Buckets are then placed inside ventilated cardboard boxes and packed in such a way that every flower can breathe properly. The boxes are then kept in a cold storage space but never at freezing temperature wherein the flowers would dehydrate. Each box is tagged or marked with details such as the flowers, where it is going, and a certification that the flowers are free of germs and won’t cause harm to local flora and fauna of where it is going. The boxes are also insured for any damage while en route and before it is picked up by the courier company. The air-conditioned transportation vehicles go through custom clearance at the airports at the barest minimum time. In the flower exporting industry, time is important.

As soon at the package arrives at its destination, they’re delivered to different retailers using specialized vehicles such as air-conditioned high-speed trucks. Most of the time, retailers are, ready with a list of orders. This makes the wait time in the warehouse of the retailers almost negligible.