Flowers Hold Secret Meanings

It is very interesting to note that flowers depict a message that is carried in a language that is all their own.  In the past, the Victorians made an art of the language of flowers.  These flowers were used to convey encoded messages through the small bouquets that Victorian women used to carry around.  Those who carried gardenias was usually seen as harboring secret loves, those holding sprigs of ivy were known to show friendship and fidelity while anticipation was expected to be high among those clutching on forsythias.

When you plan to send flowers to Israel, you can certainly apply these secret meanings of flowers.  You can be like poor Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet, who lamented about rosemary for remembrance and pansies for thoughts, and send flowers to Israel to make a girl you like to at least think of you, if not love you.  If you want to send flowers to Israel to say thank you to your friend, you could have a bouquet made.  This bouquet should have an iris that means you are truly sending a message, amaranth to show your affection, white bell flowers to signal your gratitude and add a touch of spearmint to let her know your warm feelings for her.

Even if you are miles away from a girl you are courting, you can send flowers from Israel and declare your love for her.  Even if she is in Europe or in the United States, if you send flowers from Israel that is laden with secret meanings, then you might get her positive answer in no time at all.  Send flowers from Israel in a bouquet that includes ferns and baby's breath among the roses.  The ferns speak of your sincerity, which is a very neat addition to the love message conveyed by the roses and the everlasting love that is depicted by the baby's breath.  If you want your declaration of love to be more blatant and loud, you can always send flowers from Israel in the form of a huge bunch of red tulips, which outrightly means that you are head over heels in love.  If subtlety is more your style, you can send flowers from Israel to mean your adoration in the form of tiny sunflowers or violets to let her know that she is always in your mind or jonquils to convey that you desire her utterly.

The secret meanings that flowers wish to convey are not only found among the more showy blooms.  If you are abroad, you can send flowers to Israel and convey “best wishes” to a friend who is about to be married by having a bit of basil tucked in a basket of floral arrangement.  You can even send flowers to Israel and include a four leaf clover to ask someone if she will say yes to its statement of “Be mine.”

You also have to be aware that to send flowers to Israel or from Israel, the language of flowers are not limited to the blooms or the plants that you have included in the floral arrangement.  It is also in the way they are arranged.  If you send flowers to Israel that is inclined more to the right, the message is always about the person you are sending the flowers to.   If the flowers are more to the left, then the message of the arrangement is about you.