Israel has been known as one of the biggest distributors of flowers that are exported to almost every where in the world.  We may have heard of the plant Anemone that is especially grown in gardens and other special places of the houses, whether planted indoors or outdoors.  Anemone is one of the beautiful flowers grown in Israel.  The species itself contains of around one hundred twenty flowering plants that belongs to the buttercup family.  Anemone is under the kingdom of Plantae that belongs to the division of Magnoliophyta that has a class of Magnoliopsida, belonging to the order of Ranunculates under the family of Ranunculaceae. 

Most of the names of the Flowers grown in Israel literally come from bible stories or stories from ancient Greek mythologies.  The name anemone comes from Greek and means windflower; it is said that in Greek mythology, the flower Anemone came from Adonis’ blood and when the wind blows open the petals, it also blows the dead petals away at the same time.  Whether the story is true or not, but this matter does not bother plant lovers at all, they continue to have Anemone plants in their homes and gardens for they come in many colors that you can easily pair them up with almost anything.

Flowers in Israel usually bloom during the spring, from around March to April or June.  But for the Anemone plants, they come in different types that you can see them planted anytime around the year.  Many Anemones have different growing conditions.  Like for one, there is a kind of Anemone among the flowers grown in Israel that are particularly grown and planted in autumn, these can be planted any time around October and may be succeeded by January.  Among the many flowers grown in Israel, the flower Anemone is one of the many flowers that have an unusual meaning that are identified as forsaken and dying hope, unlike other flowers that has the meaning of freshness and beauty.

Anemone is among the beautiful flowers in Israel that are also of three types.  There is an Anemone that is of a spring flowery type, where they basically grow during spring time and they may have tubers or rhizomes.  Another kind of Anemone is the tuberous Mediterranean where in they bloom in both summer and spring, just so perfect enough for one to see and appreciate its amazing and bright colors especially under the sun.  And last but not the least is the fall flowering kind, they bloom in late summers until fall, and they have fibrous roots.  Flowers grown in Israel are just so amazing that it would be sad if tourists fail to see the amazing blooms of the different flowers grown in Israel.

Flowers grown in Israel like the Anemone can be placed in lower areas of the garden other flowers prefer soils that are sandy under the heat of the sun, while there others who prefer to stay under the shade of the sun soaking itself in a well drained soil.  Anemone, among the flowers grown in Israel may not have a fairy like origin, but one thing that keeps this flower coming is that it never gives up blooming, it knows where it stands, and continues to shower its beauty in abundance to inspire women and families of its beautiful and brilliant colors.