Flowers Israel (Gladiolus)

The Gladiolus is a beautiful flower whose name descended from the Latin word for sword. It pierces through the entirety of a nation whose essence is liberal thoughts and eccentric and contemporary views. Israel pierces through the life of men who live for voice, as they are one of the pioneering nations who have seen the embodiment and importance of the voice of the press. Like the Gladiolus, like the sword, Israel pierces through conformity.

The flowers grown in Israel embody something different. Each of these flowers grown in Israel symbolizes a trait that the nation embodies. These flowers are important for each of these flowers grown in Israel send a message to the world, a message on how Israel is to other countries and to its people. These flowers grown in Israel kindle a dormant spirit of nationalistic tendencies and pride. They are like match sticks which light a fire for all to see.

If we take into consideration the nature of the gladiolus, their stems are slender with branching sword-shaped leaves jutting out. The gladiolus embodies the dynamic and piercing spirit of the Israeli people. Like all other flowers grown in Israel, they say something for the world to hear. These flowers, the gladiolus, are actually pretty common and popular in stage plays and other theatrical performances. This is probably due to the stunning and dynamic features that they yield. The gladiolus is truly one of the flowers grown in Israel that re considerably dramatic.

Flowers are nature’s decorative ornaments. Flowers cover and envelop the world with their stunning colors and amazing, expressive nature. Flowers grown in Israel do as such. They look beautiful and at the same time they tell a special story that is considerably distinct from the other. A nation is embodied by various things and animals and flowers, which speak of their general characteristics. The gladiolus, being one of the flowers grown in Israel, sends a message for it calls for the vigilance in spirit and thinking of the Israeli people.

What is an essay without its words? What is a story without its characters? What is a fable without the animals? What is a parable without its meaning? What is the ocean without its waters? What is the world without its people? What is living without a life? What is a nation without its flowers? This is how important flowers grown in Israel are to Israel per se. Though you may not see just by looking at petals, leaves, and stems, or how important a flower is – looks can be deceiving.

Flowers grown in Israel send a million messages to the people who glance at their slender stature and stand amazed at their silent meanings. The gladiolus has sword-shaped leaves which embody the sheer power and vigilance of a race of people. Israel prides itself for a lot of things in the Middle East, standing as a pioneer. Flowers grown in Israel affect people like how a certain flower pierced through a nation.