Flowers that Grow in Israel (Roses)

When you conjure an image of Israel in your thoughts, you will probably think of a hot place, with ruins which date back to the time of Christ. While you are thinking of an arid location, can you incorporate the idea of roses growing in such an area with a temperature, which can rise so high? If you think that it is not possible, then you better change your perception because roses really grow in Israel.

Wild flowers are known to grow within the hot areas of the country. However, recently, there has been a new development. Various types of flowers are being grown in Israel. These flowers are shipped mainly to the retail flower market of the United States, wherein most of the consumers are Jewish people. Among these flowers are roses, which used to be perceived as impossible to grow in hot and dry places.

Sde Nitzan is a location in the country wherein you will find roses. You can find this place ten kilometers away from the border of Gaza. This land used to be a settlement for agricultural sources which are found within the northern part of Sinai. But when the Israelis handed Sinai back to Egypt as a peace offering, the inhabitants of Sde Nitzan moved to another location. They relocated to the arid and destitute area of Negev, which is constantly swept by winds. Currently, this desert area is widely recognized as an area for growing various kinds of flowers. This development is due to the perseverance and courage of the people, along with scientific advancements.

During the year 2000, this growing business has been hindered as a result to the boycott of products from Israel. Myron Sofer, who specializes in rose growing in the country, along with his wife decided to concentrate on the retail market of the United States. Soon, they have been recognized as the first growers of roses in the country of Israel. They have also been known as the sole seller of Israeli roses to groups of people or individuals, and to Jewish synagogues.

Israeli roses are planted within hot-houses which are covered to protect the flowers. The soil which is used is synthetic, it is fed with fertilizers and watered with the use of a drip system. This system operates on electronics which ignores the heat of the country, the small supply of water, and the dryness of the soil. After the roses are harvested, these are shipped through air cargo. When you order Israeli roses, you are guaranteed that you will be getting fresh roses.

The roses that grow within this hot area of Israel is regarded as a miracle. It has also been known as symbols of the courageous spirit of Israelis. The roses stand for their innovation, perseverance and diligence. It also stands for their strong will to get on with life despite challenges. Since these roses are upheld as such, they are constantly used during primary holidays of the Jewish people. They use roses to adorn their altars whenever they hold synagogues, and they give roses to their loved ones to show their great love.