Flowers in Israel (Orchid)

There are people who go nuts about orchids. The search of these wild flowers can bring people to different places and even countries. The search includes flowers grown in Israel. The orchids are so magical and majestic and breathtaking. There are some that often appear misleading. They can imitate female bees in order for them to attract its male counterpart. They are among the rare plants around. They do not just appear in the meadows. Orchids are usually found in the forest area, where it is cool and out of the sun. There is a variety of orchid specie that can be found in the forest vicinities. They blossom under the pine shelter. No matter how beautiful they appear to our eye, they are susceptible to damage. Hikers and mountain climbers often accidentally crush them.

Orchids come from the Orchidaceae family. They are the largest flowering plant family. There are more than twenty thousand known specie of the plant. All the species are considered endangered in their habitat. They resemble in some way with the palms and the grasses. Flowers grown in Israel are abundant, orchid being among them.

Orchids are among the flowers grown in Israel. The country has its mountainous portion, thus, very suitable habitat for these plants. They can grow in tropical mountains or forests. They cling on other plants like trees and shrubs. However, they cannot be considered parasites. They get their nutrients from humus, from the rain water, atmosphere, and even from their very own dead tissue.

Orchid flowers grown in Israel appear in clusters, since they come from one common rhizome only. The plant can reach eighty to one hundred and twenty centimeters. Flowers grown in Israel ends in late April to early May and will last up to the later part of June or early July.

The leaves of orchid flowers grown in Israel are simple. Their shape varies between species. Its shape and size helps in identifying them. Those orchids with leaves that are thick and leathery are grown in dry and sun-exposed areas. For those species that grows in shaded area, they have tall and thin leaves. This type cannot live in direct sunlight. The leaves of flowers grown in Israel usually appear in late January. Growth during winter time is slow. It accelerates only starting from the end of March to the earlier part of April.

Orchid flowers grown in Israel average one open flower in a day. Most of the flowers are white, but there also multicolored orchids. Each stem can produce around twenty to forty flowers, but there are those that reach more than a hundred. The flowers can last six days. Generally, there can be six opened flowers simultaneously in one stem alone.

Fertilized flowers grown in Israel can produce rapidly as compared to unfertilized ones. Orchid flowers grown in Israel, particularly in Jordan Valley dry out from the months of July until end of November. Along the Dead Sea portion, the orchid remains evergreen and healthy.