Flowers in Israel (Carnation)

Its pink hue blares utter innocence and girlish bliss. It has existed in man’s life for about 2,000 years from now. Nevertheless, its captivating beauty still entices the eyes and leaves it glued to the presence of a flower called the Carnation. The Carnation is one of the many flowers grown in Israel. It is one of the flowers that lay abundant in the native soil of a pioneering nation whose passed has been a lesson to it – Israel.

Carnations are flowers of love and filial piety. It is a flower that is usually given to mothers, fathers, and all other relatives in their particular day. Parents and family per se is a vital part of man’s total existence. A person cannot live without a family. A person cannot live without something, or in this case, someone he can lean on. A family is the pillar that keeps a person’s Parthenon from crumbling into pieces.

In Israel, carnations are grown to symbolize the reverence to the family. Of the many flowers grown in Israel, this particular flower is the most emphatic in terms of family. Flowers grown in Israel is not basically there because of a specific choice, but rather, they are their because of natural dependencies, which interestingly, were met in Israel. A carnation is a beautiful pink flower, which has started to carry out a variety of colors due to constant alteration of a lot of factors.

Different types, or colors, of this flower express different emotions. The light red carnation implores meek and simple admiration. The dark red one sends a message of deep love and great and majestic appreciation or affection. The white types are those that are given for good luck and happy life. The green ones, on the other hand, are given out in St. Patrick’s Day. The pink ones carry the most symbolic and historic nature. These carnations were formed as the Virgin Mary shed her tears in the sight of Jesus’ plight, symbolizing the undying love of a mother towards her child.

This flower is grown in Israel. Along with the many flowers grown in Israel, they yield important values and say important meanings. Carnations are meant to be seen by the eye. They are one of the many beautiful and stunning flowers grown in Israel. Israel is a nation of love and free spirit; this is what this flower symbolizes. In John Lennon’s song, Imagine, he declared, “Imagine all the people… Living life in peace.” This simple line means so much, just like the simple carnation which yields immense implications.

This flower grown in Israel is so amazing for it is one of the most sincere and expressive flowers grown in Israel. Its simplicity actually envelopes its general personality, like the carnation that sprouted on tears, or the carnation meant for good luck, this flower grown in Israel says a lot of things. There are many flowers grown in Israel, but this simple, pink-hued one exceeds a lot of the rest.