Flowers that Grow in Israel (Lilies)

The flowers that grow in Israel are quite varied in types and colors. The development of the flower industry of the country was actually started in the early part of the 1960's. The quite resourceful and intelligent flower farmers coupled with the mild climate even during winter that still comes with sunlight are said to be the instruments in the growth of the industry, which has been noted to be rapid. The most common flowers grown in Israel are roses, carnations, iris and gladiolas, among others.

The lilies are also among the most popular flowers that are grown in Israel. For centuries now, the lily has also been considered as one of the most popular flowers in the whole world because of its relation to both death and religion. However, many say that the lily represents Israel because the country is often alluded to as the lily among the flowers of nations. These lilies though are now often grown in Israel to provide the country its wealth of bulbs and cut flowers that are either exported or used in local flower studios and shops. There is one Israeli lily, however, that has gained acclaim these past years and this is the “Madonna Lily”.

The Madonna Lily is a white lily that is so rare but which, biologists and agriculturists in Israel have managed to develop and sustain. It is said to be the oldest lily that was ever cultivated. This is said to be already an endangered lily species that has sparked the Vatican's interest because of its great implication on the history of Christians. It was said that the Madonna Lily was the flower that was given by the Angel Gabriel to Mary during the Annunciation, when he told her that she was already bearing the child Jesus in her womb.

The other type of lilies that are distinct to Israel are the white and the blue water lilies. Each lily marked the southernmost and northernmost Israeli areas, respectively, when it comes to its species growth. For the Israelis, the water lilies depict the private parts of both the male and human anatomies. They are also very significant when it comes to Biblical architecture because these flowers were said to have bordered very important Biblical places.

But, while lilies grown in Israel may have a long and colorful history, especially Biblically, it can't be denied that these flowers are now known in the modern times, as perfect flowers for weddings as well as gifts for loved ones. Because of its pure beauty, the white lily is now the preferred flower when it comes to bouquets because it can be accented with any color of ribbon or paired with any other type of flower. The splendor of these white blooms must be the one of the main reasons why it is one of the most popular flowers grown in Israel nowadays. Even the red lilies are not far behind when it comes to popularity because they also show the Israelis strength as a congregation.