Flowers Israel

Flowers Israel, a flower shop network, allows you to send flower all over Israel. Flowers Israel have employed only the finest flower designers and florists in Israel and give you the assurance of the best flower arrangements and bouquets in Israel. Flowers Israel’s top priority is their costumer’s satisfaction that they have carefully chosen only the freshest and best flowers. Flowers Israel’s high quality products will continue to blossom and bloom, thus, allowing you to continually enjoy its freshness.

Flower Arrangement

There are several flower arranging designs. Some of them simple, some elegant, but whatever it is, they have to posses one common characteristic, attractiveness. Flowers are, generally, used as decors which would, therefore, require them to have a really attractive look. Flower Israel uses a variety of flower arrangement which play an important part in the satisfaction of their clients. A good combination of colors and designs also affect greatly in a bouquets look, so Flowers Israel have applied a great variation in these fields. Flowers Israel also have other products such as plants, vases, whines, chocolates, cards and funeral flowers, which are as good as the bouquets they sell.

Delivery Service

Flowers Israel, with more than 90 branches across Israel can assure a really fast and swift service with low delivery fees. Only after three hours of placing an order, you’re sure to receive the fresh flowers wherever in Israel you may be. They also use internet based ordering services that make ordering even easier. They give your orders high importance and handles they with great professional care and attention. The entire group of florists employed in Flowers Israel is committed to the specific assignments give to them. When they company receives a single order, they give outmost dedication and effort to choose the best shape, color and size and any other specifications made by the client. Specific flower designs or types may be made when making an order, either by description or by choosing a design displayed on the They give high attention in choosing their florist, for example, the ability to design, professionalism, flower quality, and schedule and service.

Flower Care

Flowers are the most important thing in Flowers Israel, so it is important for them to keep their flowers blossoming fresh. If you are capable of giving your flowers proper care, they will give you fourteen days of splendor and beauty. Water is everything. Sometimes, water goes out through the drain holes so when watering your plants, make sure they reach the roots. Frequency of watering the plants may vary according to size of plant, size of container, and weather. Flowers must be kept away from anything that might prevent water from reaching the stalks. It is best for flowers to be sprinkled with fresh and clear water and also remember to add a tea spun of sugar and economics so as to prevent the growth of bacteria. According to Flowers Israel, it is also best for flowers to be kept in shaded and cool places to prevent them from trying. It will also be necessary to control the light that reaches your plant. The best place to put your plant is somewhere direct sun seldom hits it during summer and is warm enough during winter. When you see the leaves small and yellow and the stem starts to become sleazy, it is when you’ll know that you plant lacks light. It is necessary for indoor plants to have fresh air every three days. They should be moved to the terrace or balcony once in a while.


Eyal Ankri
General Manager
"Flowers-Israel" flower shop network.