Flowers in Israel

Flowers. They have long been known as a symbol of love and peace. When the husband wants to say sorry to his wife, he offers her flowers. On the other hand, flowers sell a lot during Valentine's Day. Men buy flowers for their partners to show that they care and love them. When there are wars, flowers are offered as a sign of peace. Recently, there has been a new grower of flowers for export and for sale within the country. Israel is now known as among the leading exporters and sellers of flowers. Whatever variety it is, the country grows it, to meet the demand of the people.


The country of Israel is located on the Mediterranean Sea's southeastern boundary. The boundary to its north is Lebanon, while to its east are the countries of Jordan and Syria. The climate of the country is rainy and cold during winter. Sometimes, snow may also fall. On the other hand, summer days here are hot and dry. This kind of weather goes especially for areas which are located near the mountains, wherein the weather can get very extreme. Days are hot and humid, while the nights are very cold.


You can just imagine the plight of the flowers if they are grown in such a hot country as Israel. However, when the flowers are grown in the country, they are not exposed to the harshness of the weather. This is because of the location that the flowers are being grown. Usually, the flowers are grown in a moshav, wherein they are treated with the utmost care to make their quality suitable for export production. A moshav is run by farmers and flower growers, with the help of researchers. These researchers look into each of the variety of flowers. They make sure that a certain variety grows well in such a condition. Aside from the researchers, the farmers are also assisted with a system which waters the plants, with the help of an advanced technology.


According to reports on the flowers that are being grown within the country of Israel, the varieties are of high quality and look nice. It has been recognized that Israel is a flower friendly environment. The reason behind this is the help that some flower farmers in the country are getting from the researchers in Netherlands. A project has been developed to make sure that the growth and the production of flowers is friendly to the environment. Aside from this, the project also makes sure that the flowers are fit for selling.


In the past, the production of flowers in Israel depends on the seasons which the flowers grow best. However, methods for growing flowers all throughout the season have been looked upon. This has been made possible with the use of a technology which controls the climate of the greenhouse. To make sure that there is production of flowers the whole year, greenhouses are incorporated with advanced computers. This technology has been proven to be safe to the environment and to the flowers.