Flowers Israel - Buttercup

The buttercup is not only an old hip song where we can wiggle and jiggle our booties out.  The buttercup I am talking about here is not also any pastry where we spend most of our relaxing time munching it with our favorite coffee and chatting with friends.  But the buttercup I am talking about is the flowers grown in Israel that comes in the form of flowers.  They are named as buttercup; they are flowers of a special kind that when you hear the name of it, you may feel all excited and sometimes even imagine how the sweet fragrance of it affects you.  It is indeed one of the famous flowers grown in Israel that once you will know about it, you will find the buttercup just simply amazing.  They come from the family of Ranunculaceae, scientifically named as Ranunculus asiaticus a flowering plant Persian buttercup of the buttercup family.  To the Hebrews, they call this as muli. 

There are certain buttercup flowers grown in Israel, distributed to other parts of the land, the buttercups just grow any where in the land, they do not at all need those special kinds of soil to tend to their needs.  You can place them anywhere, and they will already know what to do.  They are independent.  Flowers grown in Israel such as the buttercup or well known Ranunculus has large colorful and double flowers are usually grown in tubers, but they are also easy to grow from seeds.  An excellent new strain of the buttercup blooming in as little as five months from the use of seed will give tenders that amusing reward from planting those very small leaves to a gorgeously healthy and beautiful fully doubled flowers that would grow until three and a half inches or even more.  I would definitely want to have this flower, if I was given the chance to choose a quality type of flower.

Not all flowers grown in Israel have the capacity to live long and stand out no matter how dangerous the winter conditions are.  The buttercup is one of the flowers grown in Israel that is known as the flower of David, the ultimate survivor, the survivor of the fittest, for it grows wild in Israel that can survive in dry scary conditions that can destroy many other plants.   They say that the Persian buttercup is really symbolic.  The flowers grown in Israel and the ones that also come from the Holy Land where also in botanical circles is known as a resurrection type of plant where it can live by itself without water and is vigorously resurrected when poured by water.  Researchers found that the buttercup flowers grown in Israel have special roots in order for the plant to resist drought and heat; there are no other flowers grown in Israel aside from this that has the same qualities as the buttercup found up to this day yet.

When researchers placed a cell under the microscope, they were amazed to find out that the cell walls of the flower served as a shield that also happens to portray the shield of David.  And to come to think of it, getting to have one of those amazing flowers grown in Israel, you only do not get to imagine a sweet fragrance of your favorite pastries or hear that jive music that would make you want to go gaga, but you also get the feeling of satisfaction of having a star of David in your home.  Where you will feel relaxed and comforted and be worry-free.  So go ahead and order those beautiful buttercups and have them decorated in your homes and in your gardens.  Nothing beats then beautiful joy of having the Star of David in your home, make it as one of your inspirations.