Flowers Israel (Iris)

Did you happen to hear the song written and composed by the Googoo Dolls? Yes, that is them, they wrote the song Iris and made it a big hit right there and then when the City of Angels movie by Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan bombarded movie screens, affecting almost every town in the world. I am just giving you a little entertainment just so I can have your eyes fixed on this article. After all, we are talking about Irises here. Yes, Iris is a part of the inside of the eye, but on the other hand, did you know that Irises are also plants? There are about two hundred to three hundred species of flowering Iris plants all over the world. Iris flowers are commonly found in cold regions, meadowlands, into the grassy slopes, deserts and stream banks and they most certainly happen to come out almost every season, depending on the type of Iris flower.

For a start, there are Iris flowers grown in Israel like the Oncocyclus Irises, you may be well acquainted with it already, by most of these flowers grown in Israel bloom only every spring season. However, there are Iris flowers grown in Israel that are hardly ever mentioned especially during the winter season. To straighten things out pointedly, there are two types of Iris flowers grown in Israel that bloom during this season. These are the Juno Irises and the Reticulated Irises. Now we can proudly say that there are types of winter Iris flowers grown in Israel. Unlike any other species, these two types of winter Irises are easy to manage and grow. The Juno Irises to start with are small Iris plants intended for growing in pots and gardens, indoors or outdoors. The Juno is described to have a bulb and fleshy roots and have leaves that basically grow on the sides of the stalk and has a flower that is eight centimeters in diameter, typically has upper lobes that lies side by side.

Another type of winter Iris flowers grown in Israel are the Reticulated Irises, they are a much even smaller group that compose of a dozen species with reticulated tunics and a single scaled bulb, which are commonly found in the Caucasus to the eastern Mediterranean. The leaves are the flower’s featured asset for it was described to have a cross section formed to a square and has a light colored scar at the edge of the leaf. Most of the flowers grown in Israel that are of the Iris species are protected by law, prohibiting the plants to be collected from nature, whether by uprooting it or by collecting the flowers’ seeds. Most of the Iris flowers grown in Israel grow only in certain few places and are widespread.

Other Iris flowers grown in Israel are the Iris bismarckiana which can be found in the upper and lower part of Galilee, the Iris hayeni Baker can be found in the Gilbo’a ridge in the southern Golan and eastern Samaria. One rare species of Iris flowers grown in Israel is the Iris vartanii Foster; they bloomed in Galilee and in Carmel.