Flower Caring

If you know how to take care of your flowers, they will give you weeks of beauty and splendor. This section will feature articles that show you exactly how to extend the life of your flowers, beautify them and refresh them.

For the flowers to live long and prosper, one you supply them these conditions:

  • Flowers must be kept in water.
  • Any cover that might prevent water from reaching to the stalks must be removed.
  • Flowers preserve best in clean and fresh water, thus, changing the water once in every two days is recommended.
  • Stalks are better cut in oblique way (to expand the surface that comes in contact with the water ,to enhance the water supply to the flower).
  • One should add a half of tea spun of economics, and a half of tea spun of sugar to the flower\'s water, to prevent from bactiria to grow.
  • Flowers are best kept in shadowed and cool places. Leaving flowers under the sun or in a car will make them dry.

Pot Caring


nothing is more important than water, When watering your plants, always make sure you are reaching the roots. Watering the surface does little good. Apply water until it begins trickling out the bottom. This can be deceiving if the plant is excessively dry, because the water sometimes will run down the sides of the container into the drain holes, not penetrating the rootball. Wet the soil with small successive doses of water until you are sure the rootball is saturated. Frequency of watering will vary according to weather, size of the plant, and type of container. As soon as the top soil becomes dry, water sufficiently Try always to water before plants show signs of wilting or stress.


Most house plants are able to tolerate shade away from scorching heat. the best place for indoor plants is where direct sun seldom falls on the plants during the summer and it is warm enough in the winter. when the leaves are small and yellow,the stem is sleazy, it is a sign for lack of light.


Indoor plants need fresh air after every 3 days. These plants should be moved to the balcony or terrace.